I am a current 4th year medical student in the Northern Medical Program who is keen to push boundaries on titles. My interest with IHI and quality improvement stemmed from my desire to have a seat at the table. This table was the one with the decision makers, the established professionals who had identified that the system needed work but did not have representation from those affected by it or soon to be entering it. Through IHI and quality improvement I have been able to connect with amazing individuals, and see first-hand how passionate people can come together as a team to shake up the system. As the President I wear multiples hats ranging from coming up with agendas, empowering fellow members, updating our social media, and working on this website.




My name is Laura and as a medical student, one of my favourite things about medical school is that it introduced me to IHI. I previously worked as a nurse and in a very short time I witnessed the burn out, frustration, and incredible inefficiencies that occur within our healthcare system. What was even more heartbreaking was the realization of the negative impact that this could have on patient care. IHI is a group of like minded people that are passionate about improving care for patients. They emphasize a unique perspective that in order to improve care for patients, we must first improve the culture and environment that our healthcare workers are working in. When we find joy in work, productivity and improved outcomes will follow. This idea is something I suspected for years but it wasn't until I was introduced to IHI that it was truly conceptualized for me. With every negative interaction I have in healthcare I try to think: was that necessary? How can we improve the ways that we interact with each other? And most importantly, how can I ensure that this negative interaction does not in any way negatively impact my patient care?

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Hello everyone! My name is Victoria Rea, and I am currently in my 4th year of my Undergraduate degree in Health Sciences at UNBC. I grew up in a small town in Northern BC that suffered from a severe physician shortage for most of my childhood, and this peaked my interest in medicine at a young age. Growing up, I was always interested in leadership, problem solving, collaboration, and helping others and found a passion in healthcare; because of this I was attracted to the potential career of becoming a physician. I am thankful to be part of IHI because I am able to to voice my opinion, and have the ability to be part of a team that works on of improving many areas of health care. I am passionate about quality improvement in a health care setting, and being surrounded by driven and like-minded individuals is motivating! Being part of a chapter that encourages leadership, collaboration, quality improvement, and problem solving sparks my passion for health care and makes me proud to be a part of an amazing chapter here at UNBC and the Northern Medical Program.      



My name is Jayden and I am currently in my third year of biomedical studies at UNBC. Through my exposure to the healthcare system in Canada, through personal experience as well as through my classes, I have felt there is a great need for quality improvement in healthcare. I am so happy to be a member of IHI at UNBC because it gives students, like myself, the opportunity to help improve the healthcare system and make changes to improve patient care




I strongly believe there is always room for improvement in every aspect of life. It just takes someone to recognize opportunities for change and to take action. I have found IHI to be applicable to healthcare and beyond. IHI has provided me with practical skills in health quality improvement and a platform to discuss ideas with a group of like-minded, inspiring students. As a medical student and future physician, I look forward to keeping my eyes and ears open for opportunities to make meaningful changes within patient healthcare and my work environment.




Hello! I am a 2019 grad from the UNBC Health Sciences- Biomedical Honours Program. Now, I work in as a research manager in the Northern Medical Program. I was born and raised on a small farm just outside Fort St John, which is more north of Prince George. I knew I wanted to stay in a rural school for my university and was very happy to be accepted into the big (for me) city of Prince George. At UNBC I’ve leaned facts and other intellectual material about ochem, metabolism, biology and the human body; as I’m sure many of you reading this have also encountered. I enjoy learning this but know from both classes and experience that the medical field has much to improve on. No one seemed to touch on this in my classes. No one appeared to be looking at the bigger picture of our evolving medical system. For me, this is where IHI came in. IHI gives student and professionals an opportunity to work together on projects. As a team, we work to improve, not only our medical system, but to empower others to develop ideas to help change lives. 

IHI offers extensive networking opportunities and an open environment to express new ideas and put those ideas into action. This is my favourite part of IHI, the opportunity to work on projects in the community with real people, solving real problems. I am very excited to see what our team accomplices in the years to come!




I am a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at UNBC who is deeply interested in  improving the design and delivery of health care to provide better care for persons and their families, achieve better health outcomes, and reduce health inequities. One of the best decisions I made during my undergraduate education was joining the IHI in my third year! To me, IHI is a catalyst for change. IHI has provided me with the skills, knowledge, and voice to engage in quality improvement in a meaningful way. Upon graduating from UNBC, I transitioned out of my role of Director Internal Affairs into the role of Advisor and Blog Contributor. In my new role, I have the opportunity to continue to support the amazing work being done by the Chapter and share my passion for quality improvement in words.