Available Positions


        Positions for the following roles are being considered. If interested contact ihiuniversityofnorthernbc@gmail.com with:

  1. CV

  2. Answer to the following question:Why do you feel you are well suited for the position?

        Note those selected for Jr positions will go onto Sr. positions if well suited for the position/available. The majority of Jr positions will have a current Sr who will help them transition into their roles for next term.


Director of Internal Affairs, Jr. - Involved in assisting the Sr representative with recruiting undergraduate students from multiple faculties, and communicating with key programs and clubs about past/ upcoming events and conferences.


Director of External Affairs, Jr.- Involved in assisting the Sr representative with creating partnerships with external organizations both within the local community and outside of it, to help create opportunities for students to gain exposure to QI opportunities and ensure that students and professionals are more open to dialogue.


Project Coordinator, Jr - Involved in assisting the Sr representative with event setups ie booking rooms, contacting vendors, creating documents.


Treasurer, Jr- Involved in assisting the Sr representative with finding funding opportunities and submitting documents for external and internal funding. This role will also involved a secretarial position in which the individual may be asked to take meeting minutes.


Director of Marketing and Communications, Jr. - Involved in creating annual newsletters on the FB page about the successes and challenges the Open School Chapter has experienced since the last newsletter. Responsible for interviewing local QI champions about their journeys in QI which is to be included in the newsletter. Also involved with assisting the Sr representative with social media updates.


Website Developer, Jr- Involved in assisting the Sr representative with keeping the website content up to date and relevant.


President, Jr- Involved assisting the Sr representative with overseeing operations, ensuring that activities and interests align with the organizational culture. Keeping the focus on teamwork, and prioritizing having fun while carrying out activities. This position requires applicants to know about all other positions and assist them within their roles, as stated by the current CEO “your hand needs to be in every pot.”


If you would like to learn more about the positions feel free to email us individually.


****This organization values teamwork and as such you will notice many of the roles have overlapping elements within them, this was purposely done as we feel team members should be accountable to one another and comfortable with working together towards a common goal. Those simply looking to get ahead may not be the right fit for our organization.