• Simran Jawanda


Change in healthcare requires an interdisciplinary approach that is centered on collaboration, teamwork, and an effective system to follow. That is exactly what the LEAN workshop aims to promote in a simulation-based exercise.

In September, I had the opportunity to participate in the LEAN workshop with two other IHI UNBC executive members, physicians, nurses, and students in nursing and medicine. The highlight of the session was the hands-on exercise in which a healthcare scenario was simulated. After a round of the exercise, we had the opportunity to map our work, identify aspects of the situation that can be improved, implement the changes, and measure the improvement. What really struck me was how the simple changes we implemented had a significant impact! The knowledge and experience gained from the LEAN session will be valuable in future quality improvement projects and initiatives that I take part in, as well as in my future practice in the health care system. I encourage you to take part in our next LEAN session- I promise you that it will be an exciting day full of learning and practice!

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