• Victoria Rea

Undergraduate Perspective

Hello everyone! My name is Victoria Rea, and I am currently finishing my third year of my undergraduate degree in health sciences at UNBC. I grew up in a small town in Northern BC that suffered from a severe physician shortage for most of my childhood, and this peaked my interest in medicine at a young age. Growing up, I was always interested in leadership, problem solving, collaboration, and helping others and found a passion in health care, because of this I was attracted to the potential career of becoming a physician. I am thankful to be part of IHI because I am able to to voice my opinion, and have the ability to be part of a team that works on of improving areas of health care. I am passionate about quality improvement in a health care setting, and being surrounded by driven and likeminded individuals is truly motivating! Being part of a chapter that encourages leadership, collaboration, quality improvement, and problem solving sparks my passion for health care and makes me proud to be a part of an amazing chapter here at UNBC and the Northern Medical Program.

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